Once an adoption commitment is made, the adopter has seven days to move the horse. A daily rate is charged for board beyond the grace period. The adopter is financially responsible for the transportation of the adopted horse.

The adopter must provide the shipper’s contact information and pickup date and time to the New Vocations facility where the horse is located. A New Vocations employee must be at the facility when the transport truck or adopter is scheduled to pick up the horse. The adopter is to notify New Vocations once the horse has arrived at the adopter’s facility.

PLEASE NOTE: Trailers must be at least 7 feet tall, be wide enough to fit the horse comfortably, have ventilation, be sturdy, in good condition and safe. New Vocations staff have the right to refuse loading the horse if the trailer is not safe or doesn’t meet the minimum height requirement.



Lake Horse Transportation (New Vocations Recommends)

Out of Lexington, KY. Run East, South and Northeast.

Tag teams with C & W to move horses to and from New Vocations.

Contact Person: Mike Lake

PH: (800) 998-7583




EHT – Ecclestone Horse Transport

Out of Ontario, Canada. Local and long distance transport, international air transit, 24/7 emergency dispatch. Weekly trips from Ontario to Florida.

Phone: (1) 844-EHORSET 

Contact: Su Schmerheim 

Cell phone: (248) 420-2615 

Email:  su@ehorset.com




MG Horse Transport

Out of Trenton, KY. Transport to anywhere in the continental United States.

Office Phone: (270) 498-8383

Email:  info@mghorsetransport.com

Address: PO Box 67, Trenton, KY 42286


Happy Horse Transportation LLC

Out of Massachusetts. Great for trips to New England/East Coast but also runs Nationwide.

Mike Stonionis: 774-289-3084


Lukens Horse Transportation

Out of NY. Weekly trips NY to KY. Run Nationwide.

PH: 1-800-621-1225

Secondary contact PH: (518) 756-9755



Campbell’s Horse Transportation

Out of Shelbyville, KY. Run East, Midwest and South.

Contact Person: Larry Campbell 

PH: (859) 475-6268



Reggie Sumney LLC

Runs nationwide.





Wright Run Farms

Out of Wayzata, Minnesota. Run nationwide.

Contact Person: Carrie Fleishacker

PH: (909) 553-6321

Email: wrightrunfarms@gmail.com



Musarro Transport

Out of Cleveland. Run throughout Ohio and Kentucky

Tag teams with C & W to move horses to and from New Vocations.

Contact Person(s): Jamie’s cell: (330) 351-2196  or Mike’s cell: (330) 351-2202



Trails End Equine Transport

Out of Georgia. Run throughout eastern half of the U.S.

PH: Lucy:  (229) 336-2941



J. R. Hudson Horse Transportation

Out of Massachusetts. Services the lower 48 states and Canada.

PH: (508) 427-9333

Email: Hudsonhorsetrans@gmail.com

Website: www.jrhudsonhorsetrans.com



Z. A. Keith Horse Transport

Out of Pennsylvania. Run throughout eastern half of the U.S.

Contact Person: Zachary Keith     PH: (412) 287-7042

Email: horsetransportation@rocketmail.com

Website: www.zakeithhorsetransport.com



Giddy Up, Go LLC

Out of Pennsylvania. Run nationwide.

Contact Person: Cindy Dawson    PH: (484) 678-3785

Email: cindy97@msn.com



Jeff Engler

Out of Cincinnati and travels throughout Ohio and bordering states.

PH: (513) 382-8593



Goth Equestrian

Out of Ocala, Florida. Ships from Kentucky through the southern states to Florida.

Contact Person: Tedd Goth

PH: (727) 277-4410

Website: www.gothequestrian.com



Don Banks

Out of Florida but they travel throughout Midwest and Northeast.

Contact Person: Don Banks

PH: (727) 687-7289

Email: globaldisastermgt@gmail.com



Ranch Hand Horse Transport

Out of Ohio but but they travel to Texas and Florida several times a month.

Contact Person: William Cindle

PH: (419) 553-4794

Cell: (419) 485-4794



Cowboy Express Horse Transport

Out of Westerville, Ohio

PH: (614) 397-7558

Email: CowboyExpress@live.com

Website: CowboyExpress.org



Gary Wright

Out of Michigan. Travels throughout Michigan and surrounding states

Contact Person: Gary

PH: (989) 673-3767



Custom Equine Transport

Out of Chicago. Travels to Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky

Contact Person: Tony Davis

PH: (317) 250-7270



Equine Express 

Out of Texas

PH: (800) 545-9098



All State Horse Transport

Out of Colorado.

PH: (800) 451-7696

Website: www.allstatehorseexpress.com



CMP Equine Transport

Out of Ohio. Shipping throughout East coast and Midwest.

Contact Person: Chris Pompos

PH: (330) 350-6752

Website: www.cmpequine.com



Kathy Lawless

Shipping throughout Michigan, Northern Indiana, Northern Ohio, and to Illinois & Wisconsin. Box stalls available.

PH: (517) 202-9688

Email: equineshuttleservice@hotmail.com


Expensive Hobby Ranch

Out of Illinois and ships locally and coast to coast.

Contact Person: Rick or Debi Ratcliff

PH: (618) 284-3500

Cell: (618) 317-2600



Fontaine Horse Transport

Out of Ocala but they travel to Texas and Florida and out West several times a month.

Contact Person: Jeff Fontaine

PH: (353) 438-4832

Cell: (352) 861-2043



Jackie Markins

Out of Michigan.

PH: (734) 368-0191



Trinity Farm Hauling

Out of Memphis, TN

Contact: Jason Boyle

PH: (901) 483-2705

Website: www.trinityfarmtn.com