The New Vocations Retrained & Remarkable Challenge is an incentive-based program open to all approved adopters. The Challenge is designed to shine a spotlight on horses that may be overlooked. Adopters of 100 Challenge-eligible Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds will receive a shipping credit of up to $500 and an invitation to compete in Challenge-specific classes at the 2019 New Vocations Charity Horse Shows in Kentucky and Ohio.

In addition to the shipping credit, R&R adopters who choose to participate in the competition will be eligible to compete for $5,000 in cash and prizes; they will also receive a FREE stall at either Charity horse show and FREE entry into Challenge classes.



New Vocations All-Thoroughbred Charity Horse Show 
Sept. 6-8
Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY

Standardbred Classic Horse Show
Oct. 5-6
Eden Park Equestrian Complex, Sunbury, OH


Retrained & Remarkable Challenge specific classes include:
● Walk/Trot (Gait) English Pleasure
● Walk/Jog (Gait) Western Pleasure
● Walk/Trot/Canter (Gait) English Pleasure
● Walk/Jog/Lope (Gait) Western Pleasure
● Hunter Hack
● In-Hand
● Trail


Retrained & Remarkable Challenge Entry Instructions

  1. Review the ​prize list​ for the New Vocations All-Thoroughbred Horse Show and TIP Championships. ​Retrained & Remarkable Classes are listed on page 5. Class descriptions, including detailed information on prize money, are listed on page 14.
  2. Complete the R&R Entry Form below. Return it via email to​ and include it with your entry to the address listed.
  3. Fill out the New Vocations Horse Show Entry form (found ​here​) completely. ​You are encouraged to enter other classes and/or TIP Championships (if qualified)! ​ You will NOT be responsible for one (1) stall fee or entry fees into R&R classes, but will be responsible for all other fees, including administration fees and EMT fee.
  4. Double check your entry using the checklist on page 6. Entries must be postmarked by August 15th!
  5. If you plan on competing in The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program Championships, please follow the process listed at ​​. Please note that you must declare your intention to show by Aug. 15.

Questions? Email Lindsay at ​







The Retrained and Remarkable Challenge is a Right Horse Initiative Project generously funded by the WaterShed Animal Fund, which invests in innovative programs with exemplary institutions and individuals to better the lives of companion animals. More information can be found at

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