Horse’s Name: MegnogGo Weapons Hot
Current Location: Binghamton, NY
Adopted From: Lexington facility
Current Location:
Pony Club Branch: 
Horse Is Intended For: Eventing


What is your horse’s name?                                                                                       

Go Weapons Hot

What do you call him now that he’s home in your barn?                                         

Wade (for my favorite comic book character, Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson).

How far did you travel to pick him up?                                                                       

I got him sight unseen, but he travelled about 700 miles to get to me.

What do you like best about him so far?                                                                   

His mellow and friendly attitude. And his work ethic under saddle.

What are his favorite treats?                                                                                      


Did he find a buddy at your farm? If so, what’s his new friend’s name?                                   

I only have 3 horses at my farm including Wade, and they are all already fast friends. The other 2 horses are also NV graduates, Pday and Wilderness.

What do you plan to do with him?                                                                             

I’m hoping to do eventing with him, but we’ll see what he excels at.

Have your friends seen him yet?                                                                                

Not yet, I’ve given him some time to really settle before we start going on adventures. But we have lots of plans for the rest of the spring including Pony Club mounted meetings, rallies, schooling and some young horse shows!


New Vocations: What does he do that is silly?                                                                                    

Chrissy: He loves scratching his head in his hay net and getting covered in hay!


New Vocations: What are you working on with him right now?                                                          

Chrissy: Getting him to accept the contact while working on the flat and keeping an even rhythm and tempo, especially at the walk and trot.


New Vocations: What is your plan with him for the next few months?                                                         Chrissy: I want to keep everything fun and easy for him right now, so we are planning on doing a young event horse show, some show jumping and cross-country schooling and lots of other low key activities. He will also tag along to shows with my big horse Will to learn about being patient when you’re at a show all day.


New Vocations: What do you like best about your horse right now?                                                 

Chrissy: How easy he is to work with, and how smart he is. It doesn’t take him long to figure out what I’m asking and he really wants to do his best all the time.