March 1, 2018 – Lexington, KY – New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program is excited to announce the creation of the Retrained and Remarkable Challenge, an incentive-based program that offers free shipping and a competition component to eligible horses. The goal of the program is to adopt 100 Challenge horses between March 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018, finding them qualified, loving homes and second careers.

New Vocations focuses on rehabilitating, retraining and rehoming retired Thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorses; they have homed over 6,400 horses since their inception in 1992. Upon working with this vast number of horses, it has become clear that the majority of injuries retiring racehorses face can be overcome with proper care and time.

However, the program has found that a significant stigma surrounds racing injuries among the riding population, which deters the average equestrian from even considering adopting a retired racehorse.  In an effort to highlight retired racehorses that may be overlooked by adopters, New Vocations has launched the Retrained and Remarkable Challenge to help encourage these horses to find homes more rapidly.

The program aims to help educate the public on common race-related injuries, stable vices, and myths surrounding racehorses, encouraging a better understanding of what will or will not be a limiting factor in a second career. The Challenge seeks to encourage a paradigm shift on how people view racehorses: to change their perspective of retired racehorses, their past and what they can accomplish in the future.

To incentivize the adoption of overlooked horses, New Vocations will offer adopters a $500 shipping credit on qualified horses; a free stall at the 2019 New Vocations All-Thoroughbred Charity Horse Show at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington or at the 2019 New Vocations Charity Horse Show in Delaware, Ohio; and the chance to compete against other Challenge horses for $5,000 in cash and prizes.

The Retrained and Remarkable Challenge is a Right Horse Initiative Project generously funded by the WaterShed Animal Fund, which invests in innovative programs with exemplary institutions and individuals to better the lives of companion animals. For more information about the Challenge, visit  


About New Vocations:

Founded in 1992, New Vocations has grown into the largest racehorse adoption charity in the country. Its mission to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome retired racehorses has led to the placement of over 6,400 individuals, with nearly 500 retirees served by the program each year. With six facilities in Kentucky, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania, New Vocations serves over 40 racetracks, working directly with owners and trainers in need of equine aftercare options.

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