March 13, 2019 – LEXINGTON, KY – New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program has joined forces with the Godolphin Flying Start program to further expand trainee exposure to all facets of the Thoroughbred industry. Each trainee enrolled in the Flying Start program will now complete a week-long rotation at the New Vocations’ Lexington facility. The intention of the time at New Vocations is for Godolphin Flying Start trainees to gain insight on the importance of aftercare within the racing industry. They will achieve this understanding by working directly with New Vocations’ team and by having hands-on experiences in the day-to-day operations of the program’s rehabilitation, retraining and rehoming efforts as well as learning about the administration and management of an accredited organization.

“The Godolphin Flying Start program is a highly respected and sought-after program, and we were thrilled to be asked to participate by having the trainees spend a week with us,” said Thoroughbred Program Director Anna Ford. “Aftercare is becoming a very important part of the racing industry, so it’s appropriate for tomorrow’s leaders to experience how we rehab, retrain and rehome the retired racehorses in our program.”

“Godolphin Flying Start is delighted to partner with New Vocations to add to trainees experiential learning of a major initiative that is integral to the future of the horse racing industry,” said General Manager Clodagh Kavanagh. “Trainees are motivated by their love of the horse during and after its working life. As young leaders, they are expected to be current and relevant with changes in the industry, and in the world around it. They will be part of shaping the future of horse racing and they recognize the importance of welfare now and in years to come.”

In addition to being involved in various areas of New Vocations’ operations, each Godolphin Flying Start trainee will work with two horses at the Kentucky facility. To end the week-long rotation, trainees will create a short video to reflect what they learned and took away from their experience with New Vocations. New Vocations will feature this video, dubbed “Flying Start Friday,” on their social media outlets each week.

Founded in 1992, New Vocations is the largest racehorse adoption charity in the country. Its mission to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome retired racehorses has led to the placement of nearly 7,000 individuals, with almost 500 retirees served by the program each year. With six facilities in Kentucky, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania, New Vocations serves over 40 racetracks, working directly with owners and trainers in need of equine aftercare options. To learn more about the program visit

Godolphin Flying Start is a two-year, full-time international management and leadership training program for the Thoroughbred industry. Founded in 2003, it is the brainchild of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum of Dubai. Twelve candidates are selected annually to receive the scholarship, which includes course fees, accommodation, transport, health insurance and a monthly allowance. To learn more about the program visit Find them on Facebook at Godolphin Flying Start, follow on Twitter @FlyingStartNews, or YouTube on Godolphin Flying Start TV.

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