Unnamed Janis's Joy '16

Horse Stats
Name: Unnamed Janis's Joy '16
Barn Name: Mercedes
Age: 2016
Gender: Mare
Height: 16.1+ hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $1,000 - now $500
Location: Lexington, KY
Race Stats
Total Starts: 0
Highlights: Unraced
Total Earnings: $0
Last Race:
Sire: Atreides
Dam: Janis's Joy
Other Notable Pedigree: Medaglia d'Oro, El Prado (IRE), Unbridled, Damascus, Broken Vow, Fappiano, Ninjinsky II, Storm Cat, Blushing Groom (FR), Alydar
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UPDATE: Mercedes was found to have a chip in her left front ankle, off her medial sesamoid, with medial oblique sesamoidean ligament desmitis. She will need downtime for R&R but is currently happy in turnout and does not require daily maintenance/ meds of any kind. She is available as a rehab adoption for a qualified adopter, who would be willing to put in the time for her recuperation. Qualified and approved adopters will have access to all her veterinary records, including recent radiographs.

Do you want to be on the back of luxury? Do you want the best or nothing? If so, then “Mercedes” might just be the horse for you! Just like her automotive namesake, Mercedes oozes luxury. This stunning filly is hard to miss, with her polished, dappled look and easy, elegant poise. She also has a five-star personality and LOVES being loved on.

Mercedes is experienced in crossties but will also stand politely with a handler. While other young horses can fiddle or fuss, Mercedes is ladylike and minds her space well. Though she enjoys company, she is also of an independent mindset so she doesn’t mind riding out alone or being solo in the barn.

Mercedes’ cool composure and athletic build are no surprise given her outstanding genetics either! Medaglia d’Oro, Unbridled, Fappiano, Storm Cat and Blushing Groom (FR), are just a few of the big-name athletes in her bloodlines. The all-star pulse runs through her!

Although she is unnamed (and unraced!), she is still registered with the Jockey Club, and eligible for Thoroughbred classes such as those offered through Take2 and the Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) as well as the RRP’s 2020 Thoroughbred Makeover.

Her ideal adopter would be capable of bringing along a horse that knows she’s got talent and needs a confident, quiet rider to patiently develop her properly. Mercedes appreciates soft hands and a soft, independent seat from her rider, especially as she (Mercedes) is working on her own balance both directions, as well as to relax and focus on the ride. 

If you’re an approved adopter with New Vocations and you think that Mercedes might be the Janis to your Joplin, click the ‘Contact’ button to email her trainer!

Note: Mercedes will not be available as a broodmare.


New Vocations’ adoption fees are intentionally set lower than the cost of buying most Thoroughbreds or Standardbreds through a private seller. In today’s market, it’s not unusual for horses coming right off the track to be listed for sale at a price between $2,000 and $5,000. At New Vocations, we set a fee that will ultimately help each horse find a home quickly. The program’s facilities are always at full capacity, which means we cannot take in an additional horse until one is adopted. Adopters should be encouraged to know that by adopting a horse through New Vocations, they are actually helping two horses transition to careers outside of racing.

Additionally, adopters get great value for their money: The majority of the horses have been in the program for a minimum of 60 days. During that time, horses are rehabilitated (if needed), socialized with other horses, fully evaluated, and in work with a professional trainer. New Vocations fully discloses each horse’s history and provides all available medical records, many of which include X-ray and ultrasounds.

While adoption fees are low, it should be noted that costs associated with ongoing care and additional training for each horse after adoption can be high. New Vocations hopes that by helping an adopter save money upfront, he or she will have more funds available to cover the continuing costs of properly caring for a horse.