New Vocations is happy to assist any individual in his or her search for a Thoroughbred to use as a 2017 Retired Racehorse Project (RRP) Thoroughbred Makeover mount.

Our program receives horses that are retiring from racing or race training on a weekly basis; the majority of these horses will meet all the requirements to participate in the Thoroughbred Makeover. If you are interested in adopting a horse, please review the application requirements, which can be found at 2/.

New Vocations will be offering a 50 percent discount on 10 horses that will be used in the 2017 Thoroughbred Makeover. The riders of these horses will be required to be a New Vocations Ambassador.

The New Vocations Ambassador Program is offered to active equestrians who have adopted a Thoroughbred or Standardbred from New Vocations, to assist the organization in promoting ex-racehorses for careers beyond the track. The goal of a New Vocations Ambassador is to lead by example and educate the equestrian community about the athleticism, heart, and versatility of retired racehorses.

Any RRP eligible horse beyond the 10 horses determined by New Vocations’ staff will not qualify for the discount, but will be able to participate in the Thoroughbred Makeover as a 2017 New Vocations Ambassador at the adopter’s discretion.

New Vocations will:

• Help find an appropriate horse to be used in the Thoroughbred Makeover (our facility trainers will provide information on all horses suitable, including horses not yet available to the general public).

• Help promote the progress of the horse and trainer leading up to and during the event.

• Provide saddle pads, stall signage and logo apparel for the trainers to wear during the event.

New Vocations requires that:

• Trainers submit an adoption application and become an approved adopter through the program. Once approved, participants can contact any of our facilities to begin their search for the best-suited equine partner.

• Trainers will need to contact New Vocations and provide the discipline and specifics they are looking for in a horse (see facility trainer contact info below).

• Horse must be entered and accepted into the 2017 Thoroughbred Makeover; an acceptance e-mail must be provided to New Vocations from the RRP in order to receive a 50 percent refund on the original adoption fee. This offer is not cumulative with the Repeat Adopter Incentive program.

• Participants will be required to promote New Vocations on their trainer blogs leading up to the Thoroughbred Makeover and continue to promote New Vocations during the event.

• An adoption contract must be signed for each horse to be released to the adopter. However, the 12-month, no­-sale policy will be negotiable if documentation of a sale offer is provided and approved by New Vocations.

Contact Giulia Garcia with questions. / 502-554- 8410



13580 Leeper Perkins Rd

Marysville, OH 43040

PH: 937-642- 3171

Contact: Amy Allison


719 Dolan Lane

Lexington, KY 40511

PH: 859-913- 71911

Contact: Melissa King


292 S. Meadow Lane

Hummelstown, PA 17036

PH: 717-329- 0567

Contact: Cheryl Keller


PH: 508-934- 6135

Contact: Leandra Cooper

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